Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tilda Swinton - please contact me!!

Let me start by saying I love this actress! She was in my favorite movie of all time "Orlando". Being a redhead myself I have always felt a bit of kinship toward this woman. I never watch the Academy Awards but this past Sunday I tuned in. What I witnessed was a bit frightful! There she was in all her ginger haired glory accepting the "award" of all awards for acting without a stitch of makeup and what amounted to a black velour sack for a dress. Black is such a harsh color on our milky white skin and even more so when we have zero color on our face or lips. I can only hope that a stylist can help Tilda polish her look so it reflects the true beauty that she is. I would love to do it myself as I have had a lot of experience styling redheads. So Ms Swinton, if you read this..... please contact me!

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