Friday, February 29, 2008

Dream of Spring

Vintage Indie's - "I Dream of Spring Vintage SWAP!"

I have always thought these swaps would be fun. This one shall be my first.

a.) What's your favorite part of spring?

I love the smell of orangeblossoms in spring! The sweet smell is intoxicating. I love ladybugs and the return of the bumblebees. Spring is such and awakening! The ground begins to stir from its long dark slumber.

b.) What are your favorite flowers?

My favorite flowers are french tulips, but lillies, roses and orchids all in whites are lovely also.

c.) What types of hobbies / crafts do you enjoy?

I have a dollhouse that a flickr friend has inspired me to revisit. So I once again enjoy making things for this tiny world. I am also playing with some dress making at the moment.

d.) What types of vintage do you collect or look for?

I look for old lace, old buttons, old ribbon, old children's shoes, old toys, old dollhouse items, silk camisoles, silk bed jackets, old upholstery fabric, millinery flowers.

e.) Any allergies or things that you absolutely can't stand?

No allergies to scents per say, can't stand flowery fragrances. My signature scent is vanilla.

1 comment:

Pinkie Denise said...

I met you thought your flickr photos,
my name is Denise, I have a blog:
Wow, I love your shop and blog! I read a little about you and we are somewhat kindred spirits...I love your jewelry and making ribbon roses and fabric. I hoard antique textiles, ribbons, lace, millinery flowers, fabrics, and collect buttons. I am a dollmaker, love and collect dolls and have 3 doll houses. I love spring, the birds and the sweet violets, my favorite flowers are pink roses. I love making anything with my hands, I am
a seamstress, decorator, love old paper and vintage clothing and costuming. So nice to meet you and
glad you liked my photos so we could make a connection...Pinkie Denise