Sunday, December 16, 2007


If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come. - Chinese proverb.

A glorious mockingbird comes to me in the very early hours of the morning. He has visited for more than a month now and gently taps on the window near my bed often waking me from sleep. After several weeks of talking about this daily occurrence, my husband suspected I was losing it, until he had the chance to witness this magnificent creature for himself. I refer to him as "my Bird". After doing a bit of research on the Internet, I discovered the meaning behind this sacred visit. The mockingbirds message is to find your sacred song or life's purpose and to aid in the realization of your inner talents. He teaches to follow one's own path and to do so without fear. People with a mockingbird totem are known for their talents. My bird brings a little smile and a lot of joy to my day and I wanted to share him with the world.


Charlie said...

fantastic story, your own guardian angel! heartwarming :)

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

This a beautiful picture.
Your blog is very pleasing to the eye.

Carol Emma said...

What a lovely blog!
I'll be bookmarking to visit again.

julie said...

You’re truly inspirational and very gifted. I loved looking thru your website. Your talent emanates in everything you do.
I’m sure your endeavors will blossom into unbelievable heights.
I wish you many happy and creative

Anonymous said...

I was researching Mockingbird Totem because also, strangly enough, I hve also had a Mockingbird who not only comes to my window, but comes inside. The other morning I stood at the door to the room and she (I call hr she) came in hopped on the desk, then down to the floor, and continued under my art table. I am thrilled to have her visit me. Not only because she is so beautiful and a lovely gift from the universe, but also because for years I had crows coming all the time. They always preceeded an unpleasant experience. Last summer I was outside drawing and I tried to ignore a bunch of screaming crows overheard, saying to myself, "Oh they really don't mean anything. They're not warning me." When lo and behold one swooped down and dropped a feather right in the middle of my art work. I almost had a heart attack and broke out in hives. Something did umpleasant did happen right after that. so, I am so thrilled to have my Mockingnird friend and am looking foward to happy times.