Wednesday, December 12, 2007


My creativity is elusive. My best ideas often come to me in dreams. It seems when I stop trying to be creative, creativity comes through me. In my dreams my imagination is allowed to dance on moonbeams with no limits. It is during this dance that the artist comes to life. I only wish I had more control over the process. Yet when I try and control this magic, it often slips away. It seems as if I am trying to capture the wind.

Welcome to my world. I have taken a shot of my rather untidy studio table. Sometimes I sit for hours among the ribbon flowers waiting to dance with my creative self.

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Rella said...

Your blog is delightful and quite entertaining! Did you make all these lovely ribbon flowers? Such fun. My best ideas also come in dreams, or the first thought in the morning. I wrote about that once...Morning Thoughts. I feel they are the truest and purest connection of inner self before the roar of the day and the world interfere.

xox Rella