Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dress Up Parties

Who said adults can't have dress up parties?

When I was a wee girl I loved to play dress up. My darling mother would scout out all the thrift stores for discarded 1950's prom and evening gowns for my friends and i to play in. My favorite was a powder pink evening gown covered in lace and of course floor length. I would often set its warm tone off with a bold splash of green eye shadow. I loved this dress so much that I decided to wear it to my 6Th grade class. My mother figured the other children would make fun of me and I wouldn't do it again. The joke was soon on her as little did she know the others would recognize me for the fashion diva that I was then and am today. The others loved the dress and wanted one of their own.

Little has changed since the 6Th grade as any opportunity for me to wear false eye lashes and a wig still ignites my inner 6Th grader into squeals of delight. So I say, who says adults can't have dress up parties??

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Anonymous said...

Ah, those were the days! I remember when I was very little my friends and I would always play dress up and it was so much fun. Maybe that is why to this day I love halloween so much. It allows me to hang out and party with friends while getting to wear a costume, it is the best of both worlds.